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David Vera

User-Centered Designer, Product Strategist & 3D Enthusiast

(He/him) - Toronto 🇨🇦

About me

I'm a designer with over 10 years of experience. My goal is basically to solve the problems that users face with their products and services. To do so, I keep the user at the center of my design process, which means empathizing with their needs, prioritizing their goals, and considering factors such as ethnicity, economic status, gender, language, context, etc.

I base the strategy for design on the research. Good research provides me with the insights to address the most urgent issues and also helps me determine the right outcomes. In practice, this means that I strongly focus on roadmaps based on outcomes rather than features. An outcome is a change in human behavior that has a direct impact on the business results1.

I am interested in helping designers and product teams reach their maximum potential. To do so, I optimize their processes (design ops) and help them identify the user/business problems, find the solutions, and measure success. I have given guidance and support to design teams in different countries, ensuring that they follow good design practices and encouraging them to share and reuse the design patterns, components, etc.

Recently, I have started exploring my passion for 3D Illustration with some VR and AR projects. I guess I'm getting ready to work on the Metaverse! You can see some of my 3D work on Dribbble.


Throughout my career, I have become a big fan of Design Thinking and Lean UX. These frameworks provide the basic structure and tools to tackle most of the product design challenges I face. As these frameworks are iterative in nature, I am constantly learning, experimenting, testing, collecting feedback and making revisions to the product. This is also in line with my knowledge and experience with agile environments (SCRUM).


I have extensive experience with Figma, Sketch, After Effects, Excel, JIRA, Confluence, Mural, Blender and Visual Studio Code.

Work Experience

I am currently working as a Senior Product Designer for the Products & Services team at Scotiabank in Toronto, Canada.

Previously, I worked for the Design Systems team, where I created cutting-edge components with a strong focus on accessibility. As a cross-functional team member, I constantly proposed initiatives to improve our processes. Additionally, I worked on the strategy and the migration of our design libraries to Figma.

In this picture my outfit consists of a brown jacket and black jeans, and there's a television behind me with the slideshow
A photo of me during a presentation at the Digital Factory in 2019

In 2019 I worked as a UX Lead at Scotiabank Colombia for the Sales and Onboarding division, where I contributed to the creation of better user experiences for the end customers and the retail vendors. If you'd like to know more, please check my my LinkedIn profile.


Currently, I'm completing the Google UX certification on Coursera. Before this, I completed a UX specialization with the University of Minnesota in 2018.

In 2014, I graduated from the Masters in Advertising program at IED Barcelona, and in 2007 I graduated in Design from LCI Bogotá.

Contact Info

Feel free to reach out! If you are in Toronto let's grab a coffee and talk about design 🤓

My email: hello [at]


1. Joshua Seiden, Outcomes over output (United States: Sense & Respond Press, 2019), 12.