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David Vera

Design Systems | Product Design | UX Leader

(He/him) - Toronto 🇨🇦

About me

David leads the Canadian Design System at Manulife, where his primary focus is on ensuring design libraries effectively meet the diverse needs of users. He delves into understanding the users' background, financial status, gender, language, and life circumstances. His approach centers around leveraging research insights to develop design systems that not only support business success but also achieve the right outcomes.1.

In his role, David is committed to supporting other designers and their teams, guiding them in identifying and solving relevant problems effectively. Having collaborated with designers globally, he values the exchange of superior design practices and mutual learning.

David's recent explorations include delving into 3D designs for virtual and augmented reality, with a portfolio available on Dribbble.


David employs various frameworks in his design work, including Design Thinking, Lean UX, Agile, and Human-Centered Design. These methodologies aid him in understanding users, fostering creativity, iterating quickly based on feedback, and designing tailored solutions.


His agile toolkit features Figma, Spline, After Effects, Excel, JIRA, Confluence, Miro, Blender, and VS Code.

Work Experience

David's experience include a role as UX Lead for the Sales and Onboarding division at Scotiabank Colombia and a position on the Design Systems team at Scotiabank Canada.

This photograph features me in a brown jacket and black jeans, with a television displaying a slideshow in the background.
David is seen presenting a Design Report at the Scotiabank Digital Factory in 2019.

He holds a Master's degree in Advertising from IED Barcelona (2014) and a degree in Design from LCI Bogotá (2007).

Contact Info

David welcomes opportunities to connect and discuss design over coffee in Toronto 🤓. He can be reached at hi [at]


1. Joshua Seiden, Outcomes over output (United States: Sense & Respond Press, 2019), 12.

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